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Expertrons is the world’s first AI Videobot Platform that directly connects aspirants of domain-specific Experts from top organizations, who will guide and prepare you for the interviews, internships or top B-schools in India.
– Our Elite Expert Panel of 7500+ industry professionals from all fields of specialization, providing assured career guidance to career seeker in mending their professional paths. 
– 1600+ hours of career guidance via Expert’s videobots explaining Resume building, Interview Experience, Soft Skills and many more, just for you – Get Referred into Top Companies
Digivance Solutions is Global Business Partner of Expertrons.

Career Goal

– Dedicated career coordinator
– 1-1 Goal setting calls with recommended experts (upto 2 calls for 30 mins each)
– Premium access to 50 experts’ resumes from top companies

Generic and Domain Skills Training

– Domain wise premium access to capstone projects
– Live group training with trainers (30 sessions, 2 hrs each)
– 1:1 calls with trainers (upto 10 calls, 30 mins each)
– Daily Learning Feeds

Post-Training Candidate Evaluation

– 1:1 calls with industry experts (upto 2 calls, 30 mins each)
– Domain-based assessment test
– Final interview with trainer

Referrals & Guaranteed Placement

Dedicated placement coordinator
– Reach-outs for referrals: 20 reach-outs to recommended experts for referrals
– 1:1 mock interviews with industry experts (upto 2 calls, 30 mins each)
– Premium access to our job portal

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Disclaimer: Digivance Solutions is a Global Business Partner of Expertrons and holds Global License to sell Expertrons Products.